About East Africa Bottling Share Company
“We will be the best Coca-Cola bottler in the world”
  • The Best: In sales volume growth; and in return on capital employed 
  • Coca-Cola Bottler:    A consumer driven, customer orientated, manufacturer, sales & Distribution Company that markets the products and brands of the Coca-Cola Company 
  • In the World:  We measure ourselves against the best Coca-Cola bottlers in the World.

“Continually increasing profitable, sustainable unit case sales of our products by satisfying new and existing consumers: through excellent service to and with our customers at an increasing return.”

Coca-Cola was first bottled in Ethiopia’s capital, Addis Ababa, in 1959 by the Ethiopian Bottling Share Company, which later opened a second branch in Dire Dawa in 1965.
The two plants were nationalized in 1975 and ran as public companies until 1996 when they were bought by Ethiopian entrepreneurs through privatization. Just prior to this, in 1995, Coca-Cola Sabco bought shares in the business and, in 1999, signed joint venture agreement with Ethiopian owners. With its leadership working hand in hand with employees, the business has seen significant growth over the years. Processes and functions have improved, resulting in considerable sales increases.
East Africa Bottling Share Company as a Coca Cola Franchise Bottler in Ethiopia under Coca Cola South Africa Bottling Company (CCSABCO) has two production plants in Addis Ababa and Dire Dawa with an aggressive expansion plan throughout the country, hence bringing the total number of employees to more than 1,400.
Coca-Cola SABCO Today:
  • 9 Countries with  multiple plants
  • Service approximately 250 million consumers
  • More than 10, 000 employees.
  • EABSC produces a wide range of beverage products - Coca-Cola, Fanta (Orange, Pineapple & Strawberry), Sprite, Schweppes tonic and Coke Light.
  • The company distributes its products through different channels mainly through Agents, Manual Distribution Centers and Depots to reach its consumers.

We will create STRETCH CULTURE based on;
  • Integrity ………….Be honest, open and sincere
  • Individual Initiative …………. Take pro-active steps to drive performance
  • Customer Value ……….. Exceed customer expectation and add value to customers’ business
  • Team Work ………… Work with and support colleagues to raise overall performance
  • People Development ………. Realize employee potential through training and development
  • Mutual Trust and Respect ……….. Trust each other with respect and dignity and earn trust
  • Commitment ……… Be accountable and do as you say 
As a member of the global Coca-Cola System, Coca-Cola Sabco is ever mindful of the way in which we do business and are proud to have aligned ourselves with the Company-wide Live Positively/Live for a Difference campaign. The challenges we face as an emerging market specialist operating in nine territories throughout Africa and Asia also present numerous opportunities to do well on many levels.
We are guided in this by a framework built on the three pillars of economic, social and environmental sustainability. It is first and foremost our job to grow the business responsibly; not just for our shareholders but also for those we employ and the communities we serve. Creating economic sustainability provides the financial resources we need to carry out our programmes and initiatives successfully.
Social sustainability is achieved from within by enabling our workers to achieve their full potential, thereby assuring the production and delivery of safe, quality products to our consumers.
We approach sustainability issues as with any aspect of our business – by setting clear, measurable targets and establishing key performance indicators to assess our progress.
With over 70 years in the bottling business, sustainability is not just an integral part of our thinking – it’s the secret of our past successes and the key to our future.
We have been paying back to the community in the following major areas among others;
  • Clean water for all projects
  • School development – KG and Coca Cola University
  • Live for a difference – Coca Cola Road Race Series
  • Touch - to drive employee corporate social responsibility involvement in different community services
  • Environmental Protection – Tree planting and waste water treatment plant
  • Five by Twenty – women empowerment
Currently, EABSC has an excited large family consisting of more than 1,500 permanent and temporary employees. We take pride in our highly qualified, experienced, dedicated, and motivated employees. EABSC staff comprises of Expatriates and local professionals with different qualifications including Economists, Engineers, Accountants, Administrators, Technicians, Operators, Planners, Logisticians, Procurement Specialists, Human Resource Specialists   and various specialists with expertise and experience in Manufacturing Industry.
We value individuals who possess the highest standards of efficiency and competence. We give equal opportunities for employment, promotion, and assignment without bias for nationality, ethnicity, gender, or religion.
In line with our aggressive expansion strategy to reach our targets in fulfilling our consumers’ needs, through;
  • Our current undergoing PET Line project;
  • Aim to open three more plants before 2020
  • Becoming Coca-Cola Sabco’s biggest market in Africa,
the company is undergoing massive recruitment for immediate needs and to develop the talent pipe line for senior and leadership role of the business. We recruit experienced professionals and   fresh graduates in different field of studies at different levels and looking for passionate, capable and competent candidates to join our team who sustain Company purpose.

If you…
  • are committed to/interested in our vision
  • interested to advance your career in multinational environment where dynamism is a culture
  • possess a good academic background
  • have considerable expertise in your profession
  • have positive attitude
  • are quick learner & flexible
  • are able to work as a team
  • are proficient in both written and spoken English; and
  • can work with individuals of different nationalities and cultures
Our Human Resources Competency follow rigorous recruitment and selection process through objective, fair and transparent assessment tools to evaluate applications and select best candidates with the right skill, knowledge and attitude.
We offer a compensation and benefits package that is competitive and comparable with other market players in the industry and labor market.
Promotion and salary advancement are determined by merit based on a fair, equitable, and transparent performance measurement process, and the employee’s capability to assume increased responsibilities through internal recruitment process.
Managers regularly review employee performance to obtain the most effective use of their services and expertise. We actively encourage our employees to upgrade their skills and broaden their experience in different functional areas through training and career development opportunities by investing on employees learning and development program.
Our headquarters is Addis Ababa, where our plant is located. Besides we have the second plant in Dire Dawa and operate Eight Depots in different parts of the Country. 
East Africa Bottling Share Company, Jimma Road;
P.O. Box 1346, Addis Ababa, Ethiopia
Tel.: +251 112 756 114/ 112- 765103 - 08
Fax. + 251 112 753 152/112 778 486