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About ABH Services Plc


Who We Are

ABH Services Plc is a registered consultancy firm in Ethiopia established in 2007 to provide technical and logistics services for short term trainings, consultancy works, operational researches, and project & program implementations in health and health related fields. The core staffs of ABH Services Plc, in addition to their high level academic qualifications, have gathered tremendous technical and programmatic experience through active engagement in the design, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of health and health related projects and programs in Ethiopia. ABH has an extended working relationship with highly qualified consultants specialized in various fields, national and international teaching and research institutions.  ABH has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Jimma University to affiliate with and cooperate in different undertakings. ABH provides its services to governmental and local and international non-governmental organizations engaged in support and implementation of health and health related programs at facility and community level in Ethiopia. ABH has plans to expand its services to other African countries.
ABH believes in and promotes:
  • The use of existing local knowledge and skill through competency based trainings for capacity    development
  • In development of  locally appropriate and innovative ways of implementing prevention, care and treatment services
  • Contracting out services for private providers to develop a mutually beneficial approach of providing services such as referrals, trainings, and actual health services.

Our Vision

To be a lead and dynamic private company that provides state-of-the-art technical and logistics services in health and health related programs in Africa.

Our Mission

To provide high quality, efficient and innovative technical and logistic support to short term trainings and related events, consultancy works, project/program implementations and operational researches in health and health related fields in partnership with national and international stakeholders and thereby contribute to the control and prevention of communicable and non-communicable diseases in Ethiopia and Africa.

Core Values

Innovation: Stimulate and encourage new and progressive ideas to solve problems
Flexibility:  Commit to tasks that lead to common goals and readiness to rectify direction in order to meet the needs and objectives of our clients
Excellence:  Integrate professionalism, high standard of work, efficiency and ethics
Team Work: Engage team members to bring their talents together and work hand-in hand to create better results at a faster pace to satisfy client needs and increase efficiency
Transparency: Communicate openly, honestly and respect other’s competencies and differences. 
Focus on Deliverables: o aim at delivering the products as per the request of our client on time    


ABH aims at delivering high quality, client centered and efficient technical and logistics services and contribute towards to the effort in solving major public health problems of Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular.   To that end, ABH works closely with Ministry of Health, Regional Health Bureaus, national and international governmental and nongovernmental organizations   that partner with country’s governments and implement health and health related projects and programs.

Services We Offer


ABH Services Plc, depending on the client’s needs or level of involvement, undertakes the full or partial responsibility of designing, conducting, analysing and reporting of various level studies in health and health related fields at facility and community level. These include: baseline and end line surveys, rapid assessments, formative researches and other investigational and health system researches.

Short Term Trainings

ABH provides short term, in-service and pre-service trainings, either basic trainings or TOTs in health and health related courses using nationally approved training packages to health workers and program managers on site and off site. Based on the needs of its clients, ABH delivers full training packages (both technical and logistics) or either the logistics part or technical part only.  ABH has full capacity and extensive experience in carrying out multisite parallel trainings and cascading of regional trainings at Woreda and Kebelle levels. ABH mobilizes resourceful in-house and external trainers to implement large scale trainings in a rapid and efficient manner and meet tight deadlines.

Organization of Events

ABH Services Plc engages in providing technical and logistical assistance in organizing regional and national review workshops, conferences, seminars, consultative meetings and anniversaries. Such services include: concept development and pre event planning; site research, selection and coordination of venues; budget development and analysis; contract and vendor negotiations; comprehensive registration and housing services; travel planning and transportation; meeting correspondence; creation and distribution of invitations; complete onsite management and staffing; payment and procurement services.

Training Material Development

ABH Services Plc undertakes tasks in preparing guidelines, training packages and provider and client support tools and materials in health and health related fields. ABH has qualified professionals to lead the designing and preparation of short term courses in health and health related fields. It also has heavy duty printers and duplicators to assist the printing of the documents.

Project/Program Implementation

ABH Services Plc has developed its technical, administrative, financial and leadership capacity to engage in implementation of programs at health facility and community level. ABH implements programs fully or partially in partnership with prime or secondary grant recipients. ABH’s core staffs have hand-on experience in assessment, planning and implementation of programs including, mentoring of health workers and conducting supportive supervision at site level and coordinating overall programs at woreda, zonal, regional and national level. ABH’s hands on experience and smooth working relationships with facilities and regions are great assets for successful rollout of programs. Currently ABH is implementing projects such as monitoring the quality of the Therapeutic Feeding Program (TFP) in Oromia, Amhara, SNNP, Tigray and Somali Regional States jointly with the respective Regional Health Bureaus and UNICEF.